Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Writer's Block

So, by the looks of it, I haven't posted anything for...lets see, 2 weeks now? Sorry folks, since my life isn't as even remotely exciting I thought it would be when I started this blog, I haven't had anything interesting to "blog" about. So what better way to cure my writer's block, then to write about it. I figured writing about my day which consisted going to work but not working wasn't very interesting, so why write about that. BUT I must say today was one of the absolute best days I've had in months. Congratz to my beautiful cousin Pierina, on the job :D. You know what? Since this is a free write, I can write about anything that comes to mind. Therefore FLORIDA! I guess I'll tell you guys about the most retarded thing I have ever done in my life. So I had to book my flight to FL cause I'm visiting that beautiful cousin of mine, I check out and find the perfect week with the perfect price and the perfect timing. Turns out my timing was way off. You'll understand that later. ANYWHO, I get to the part where you're supposed to pay. Turns out I can't find my debit card. Blue, rectangle, a bit bent on the left bottom corner. I search high and low for the debit card and so it seems, the debit card has gone missing. I totally screwed myself over cause I can't book my get-a-way trip with no funds. Long story short, I call chase cancel the card, which I found 2 minutes after I hung up on John from Chase. The debit card was under my laptop. This is the part where you laugh. You can't activate a deactivated card. So i was charged 5 dollars for express shipping. I was laughed at by my dad. Ending: My Timing was wayyyy off. Note to self: Stop being so paranoid. That concludes this blog, I'll only try to write about random retardedness a few times. Stay Classy yall!