Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blue Skies are lovely

Welcome to my blog! I've been meaning to set up a blog or something of the sort for about a month now. Figured my life is somewhat interesting 76% of the time. Get to know me and my crazy antics/ adventures! The time is 11:38pm, I could of sworn it was 4:57am, I've been laying on a mess of clothes I refuse to fold for going on 3 hrs now. I guess the darkness of my room and smell of chocolate chip cookies I just finished devouring influenced me to create this blog. Don't ask me how chocolate chip cookies played a part, THEY just do. Any who, back to the real point. I'm 18, have a semester off and what better thing to do, then to share my daily experiences with complete strangers I will probably never meet. Cheers! and lets get this show on the road! :D