Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vespa Quest

For those who know me are quite aware of my "Vespa Quest". I call it a quest because there are many aspects to obtaining my cherished cherry red or midnight blue (haven't decided yet) Vespa. The idea occurred to me on a Sunday afternoon while drinking my "cafe con leche". I'm lying, I actually have no idea how the idea popped up, for the purpose of having a story I made that up, but any who I DIGRESS, The thought was, "I hate the MTA with everything in me so how do I want to travel? Via car?? I think not" A Vespa is perfect b/c of the simple fact that I can park where I please and I save on gas, not to mention I will be looking oh-so badass. Vintage helmet along side a cup of Joe, I'll be zooming past traffic, trying to purposely get a ticket! Yeah that's right, BADASS. For those of you who do not know what a Vespa consist of, well the answer is easy, a set of wheels, gas tank and an undecided color that screams "Thats right, I'm enviromentally friendly" Oh and there's a picture to the right. So anyways, all my friends say I'm obsessed and I shouldn't quit my day job, not all of them say that and I'm quoting no one BUT the point is, it's a quest b/c this isn't going to be an easy thing obtaining. First off I need my motorcycle license and $6000 dollars to say the least. I've already got the drive (no pun intended) and the wacked out idea in my head. ONE MORE thing before I wrap this up, I take pictures of special Vespas I come into contact with on the street of, so if you do see one, remember me and I accept checks. No paypal. NIGHT FOLKS.