Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Boys Met Me

Entourage. Not that I have one of my own, but the show Entourage. I felt the need to pay homage to the four boys who have captured my attention for more than 6 minutes (which is no easy task might I add). For starters, how did I get hooked on Entourage? I'd like to personally thank Gary L. Batista for that. He's into HBO shows like either A. His life depended on it or B. HBO is his wife and he's a very attentive husband. Thanks Gary!! Any who, the only way I was going to catch up to the already up to their 6th season show was buying the box-sets? NO! I wasn't very fond of the idea of paying 60 bucks for the show I wasn't sure about or begging a friend to give it to me as a "just because" gift. So how have I gotten to season 3 already? NETFLIX! Man's greatest creation for those of us who don't own a television or have 3 annoying brothers who hog it for the purpose of blowing someone's skull out in Call of Duty 4. I DIGRESS, So enough jibber-jabber, Entourage has to be hands down one the wittiest series I've ever had the pleasure of watching. For those not familiar with the show even though you should be,(sidenote:SHAME ON YOU), Vincent Chase; up and coming actor from Queens, NY moved out to LA in search of super stardom, Eric Murphy; Vinny's grounded childhood best friend and manager helps Vincent make all the "maybe" right moves and tries to keep him not "too hollywood" Johnny "Drama" Chase; Vincent's older half-brother who already had a taste of "success" he was featured on "Viking Quest" and a mess of other shows and last but least Turtle...I have no idea what his last name is. Turtle is also Vinny's good childhood best friend who tagged along for the ride. These guys each have a distinct way of making me crack up one way or another, especially Johnny Drama. You come to see through-out the series, the boys always get themselves into a predictament but somehow get out of it in a unpredictable manner. One last thing before I go, I have an enormous crush on Turtle. Stay Classy New York.