Thursday, May 27, 2010


Hello dear reader, so I wanted everyone I didn't personally know, TO know, I quit my job at HellStop, I mean CrazyStop...wait...what I meant to say was GameStop. Oh yes, that's right. Anyone looking for a job and thinks GameStop is their way out of a jobless, income-less life...YOU'RE WRONG. Turn away now! Stop filling out that application, tear up that resume, and go wash dishes, or something equally unimportant. Point is, do ANYTHING other than even consider working at GameStop. This isn't an understatement nor is it me complaining. I personally believe am a not too shabby worker *ahem* meaning awesome, so I do as I'm told at a job, because they're paying me by the hour for what ever nonsense I'm doing, so it's not because I'm lazy, it's because they're crazy. In conclusion reader, I haven't been this happy since I quit that sorry excuse of an occupation. Don't do it to yourself, unless of course you hate your life to the point, you don't care whether a horrible corporation takes complete advantage of you. Night yall.